Friday, November 13, 2009


Trying to achieve goals, fighting all obstacles, determination to reach success all these bright phrases are usually used while talking about good qualities in people ... but do they really count comparable with peace of mind
maybe we are doing too much for getting too little & maybe it's all about EGO even doing good to other & sacrifices are just a way to feed our ego & feel good about ourselves


  1. welcome back :)

    i was just thinking about something similar... do i choose to do "good" or "right" because it is what i wanna do inside and out, or is it because it serves my pride that i choose what i perceive is "good" or "right"... i am not liking the conclusion so far...

    so is it true as far as you're concerned, seibak men el nas, it's almost impossible to understand how your own mind works, let alone others!!

  2. thanks for the welcome even i'm not that sure not sure of the back part :)
    by the way despite my silence i'm following your posts with the usual admiration..

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