Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Age complex, life meaning & other nonsense

What is age?
It is the countdown of vanishing from the current world…
Is it bad to leave?
Usually it’s considered a big loss & it’s understandable when our beloved leave coz we gonna miss them & life won’t be the same, but it’s not understandable why we fear leaving.
Is life that good with all the misery we can face to still look forward to stay alive? Moreover we are sure that we are leaving one day… in addition it’s possible that what comes next might be much better than our current life.
Getting old means you learn more & get attached more to life & if you are good enough you leave good traces after leaving, but what’s the goal?? Glory?? It can’t be taken to the grave.
We want to do more & experience more but we are fighting a losing battle against a vicious enemy called time& the fight is meaningless coz wining is impossible…
So give up? Doesn’t sound as a smart choice coz it will take away all the joy of life
Embrace our days & our entourage to get the best of them might be a good choice, keeping in mind that wining some of our fights can be our biggest losses ever …
The answer might be the pursuit of happiness should be the goal & to be happy & to be a source of happiness to yourself & to others ….
To be a world leader or a billionaire can be a true curse that a lot of people are looking for, while turning their faces on a blessed life like being a farmer in a small village who enjoys his calm life surrounded with people he loves…
I’ll go with the farmer choice anytime.


  1. people fear death because they have no certain idea of what awaits them... no one really believes they're good enough to be sent to the promised heaven... not to mention how our culture promotes the fear of the unknown....

    i once wanted to die young, now i never really know if i can handle what's after death... and i worry about what would happen to my kids when i go... sometimes our responsibilities weigh us down and make us more afraid than we can handle...

    i think the good people who leave good traces behind are the biggest blessing in our forsaken world! i have met a man who brought peace to the hearts of whoever he met... he had such peaceful air around him and he did it for no specific purpose other than simply being who he was... i still cry the loss of that man when i think of the peace i felt when i spoke to him... i wish one day i'd do such good for at least the people i care for... their prayers for me should count for something, no?

    i don't think happiness is a goal, i think it's something you feel from time to time along the way... it's all in the details the way i see it...

    don't envy the farmer, may be you can't handle being him!

  2. I do envy the farmer more every day, & i'm not sure but i might one day become him, i usually surprise myself...
    & what might be the goal??

  3. Well i heard this saying i can't really remember was it ummar ibn al khattab ? he said " life isn't too good that we would want to live yet it isn't that bad that we'd want to die"

  4. thanks innominate X for passing by but being stuck in the middle might not be the best way to live life, so i'd say we should enjoy life but don't care about it that much

  5. Yesterday, I was watching the movie "war of the worlds" where there were creatures from another world invading the earth... people were in fear and agony, smelling death and blood all over, and running from place to place to escape.. And I thought, why? Why the hell would people still cling to their lives with all this misery? Why would they fight and fight in order to live a life that they previously hated and complaint about, to finally die as well. What is this survival spirit that we have? I honestly do not think life is worth all this.

    My first visit, will certainly do it again.

  6. Cognition Sense,
    a simple answer plain stupidity might be the reason for our endless fights & wars or maybe we are still in process for evolution, as for life for sure it can be worth living if we chose happiness but life is not worth fighting for it, ironically enough the result for the fight in life is usually death...

    thanks for the visit & u r more than welcome anytime...