Monday, April 13, 2009

Just 2 questions....

Why do bad things happen to good people, while good things occurred to the worst none deserving ones....!!?
Is asking for the contrary partly evil or just fair...?


  1. yaaaaah! that's a question that has long tormented me!!

    a friend once told me that there is a big picture that we never see... that bad people do suffer only i do not necessarily see it! i tell myself that everyday so that i won't lose my mind or my faith for that matter...

    however, if you ever find an answer, please do share!

  2. Insomniac,
    sorry but what i can share is not that encouraging, i've great doubts that the big picture might excite at least in the current world
    knowing that might be the way to have a peace of mind, just to quit waiting for the uncoming...

  3. what i was trying to say that perhaps everything weighs itself at the end; it's just that we do not necessarily witness that end because we cease to exist before we see it for ourselves!

    may be waiting for justice the way we see and anticipate it is not fair for us because justice is a bigger concept for anyone to grasp really... just like most ideal notions!

    just hold on to little things, simpler things and hope they would make up for all the other mess, or at least distract you!

    be well...

  4. It depends on how u define and c the bad and good terms! =)

  5. it's hardly possible to reach a defination of good or bad it can open a never ending discussion but for sure it's an easier task to see & judge good pepole & bad ones